Board of Directors

2024 – 2025 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves and is elected by the members of the credit union. Each is a member of the credit union and is elected for a three year term. Unlike for-profit financial institution boards, not-for-profit credit union directors serve as volunteers and are not compensated for their services. The Board meets monthly to discuss the affairs of the credit union and is responsible for duties such as approving credit union policy, planning, monitoring financial operations, compliance with various rules and laws, overseeing member service delivery, and hiring a President to manage the daily operations of the credit union.

Eugene Hernandez
Term expires 2027

Eddie Martinez
Vice Chairman
Term expires 2026

Lou Villagomez Sr.
Secretary/ Treasurer
Term Expires 2025

Roland Barrera
Term expires 2026

Armando Chapa
Term expires 2027

John Valls
Term expires 2027

Denise Villagran
Term Expires 2026

Mission Statement

The Texas Bridge Credit Union is committed to being the primary financial institution of its field of membership by providing quality financial services within the realm of sound business practices. The Credit Union is committed to deliver these services in an atmosphere of trust and superior member satisfaction.

We believe this Mission Statement follows the core values that the credit union has followed throughout the years:

  1. Providing reasonably priced financial services to our members and their families.
  2. Treating our members with dignity and respect regardless of their financial resources.
  3. Providing a work environment for our employees that will instill member confidence in the staff, respect for individual staff members, and future job opportunities for employees who are willing to work hard, demonstrate positive attitudes, and pursue life-long training opportunities.
  4. Maintaining mutual respect between Management and our Directors when conducting business to allow our primary focus to remain on our members.
  5. Providing a safe and sound financial condition for the credit union in order to provide competitively priced financial services for both current and future members.
  6. Recognizing that the credit union has many stakeholders that depend on the manner in which we operate the credit union. Members, employees, directors, vendors, regulators, government entities, and our community all have a stake in the success of our credit union.