ATM Locations


24 Hour Access:

3131 Holly Road (Credit Union Office)
2140 Gollihar Road (Credit Union Office)
602 N. Staples Street (Inside RTA Building)

Access Mon-Fri   8am to 5pm:

1201 Leopard Street (Inside City Hall)

Expanded no surcharge access available at these ATM Network Locations:
Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union

2633 Rodd Field Rd.

4677 S. Staples St.

1909 E. Main St. Alice, TX

Members First Credit Union

5444 S. Staples St.
Between Williams & Holly Rd

11166 Up River Rd.
At I-37 and Violet Rd

1430 South Padre Island Drive
At Greenwood Exit

STAR Financial Credit Union

10429 Leopard St.

6009 Holly Rd.

…have joined together to create an ATM NETWORK for the benefit of their ATM cardholders. You will now be able to save money on ATM convenience (“surcharge”) fees without having to drive to your Credit Union by using any of the ATM sites listed above when making cash withdrawals.
Save Time – Save Money
If you use a Debit MasterCard issued by Texas Bridge Credit Union (“TXBCU”) at any of the ATM locations listed above, you will not be charged a surcharge fee by the other ATM NETWORK Credit Unions. TXBCU will charge your account the same fees for ATM transactions that it normally charges, but you will avoid the surcharges from the other ATM NETWORK Credit Unions that you otherwise would incur when you use a non-TXBCU ATM.

No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by any ATM NETWORK Credit Union concerning the availability, reliability, condition, or safety of their ATMs or the premises upon which the ATMs are located.

The ATM NETWORK is subject to change at any time by notice from TXBCU.  If you have any questions about charges for your ATM transactions, please call a Member Services Representative at 855-4494 during our regular business hours.