GAP Plus

GAP Plus – What you should know before driving your new vehicle off the sales lot.

  • Protection – Driving a new vehicle without GAP Plus (guaranteed auto protection) is like taking a leap of faith. Your automobile insurance will cover damages in the event of an accident, but if your vehicle is declared a total loss or is stolen and not recovered, there’s often no safety net to protect you from financial hardship.
  • Depreciation – Within the first two to three years of ownership, your new vehicle will depreciate in value faster than the loan balance. A significant GAP Plus can exist between the amount of money your insurance company will pay and the amount you still owe on your automobile loan balance. Guaranteed Auto Protection coverage helps bridge the GAP.

Why you need GAP Plus protection

  • GAP Plus pays any remaining balance due on your loan beyond what your automobile insurance will pay.
  • Pays additional $1000 if member finances replacement vehicle with TXBCU.
  • Replacement vehicle must be financed within 90 days of original carrier settlement.
  • Pays even if there is no deficiency balance on the loan covered by GAP.
  • GAP Plus covers your financing agreement for the entire loan term.
  • GAP Plus delivers risk protection from total loss or unrecovered theft.
  • No separate cash payment is needed – simply add the cost of GAP to your automobile loan.
  • Pricing
    • Current pricing on GAP Plus Coverages is:
      • New and Used Vehicles $ 320
        • Motorcycles $ 350

Ask about the GAP Plus Program on your next vehicle purchase. If you already have a vehicle financed with TXBCU and would like to purchase GAP Plus on an existing loan, contact the Loan Department at 855-4494 for more details. GAP Plus is flat cancelable within the first 60 days. Thereafter, the cancellation refund is computed in accordance with program cancellation provisions. Underlying auto insurance on the vehicle must be in force and maintained to be eligible for and continue GAP Plus coverage. Please refer to the debt cancellation agreement for complete details. Underwritten through State National Companies.


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