Courtesy Pay

Sometimes we all have a little “oops” in our balance!

Opt In/ Opt Out

TXBCU Courtesy Pay will allow you as a member to pay your checks by overdrawing your checking account instead of returning an item as NSF (non-sufficient funds).

Courtesy Pay of overdrafts is always discretionary. The overdrawn amount is up to a $500 maximum overdraft limit, including fees. Courtesy Pay Fees are currently $27.50 per item.

Courtesy Pay is available on checking accounts only and is not a traditional line of credit and payment of overdrafts is not guaranteed. Consideration for Courtesy Pay is initiated only after all other requested overdraft protection options are used (such as overdraft protection by transfer from shares). If an account is eligible the courtesy pay includes repetitive Debit Card transactions, ACH items, share draft clearings, and online bill payments. Some restrictions apply.

Courtesy Pay is available to qualified members who are in good standing and have had a TXBCU checking account for at least 90 days. Courtesy Pay is subject to terms and conditions described in our Discretionary Courtesy Pay Policy. TXBCU reserves the right to revoke your Courtesy Pay service without prior notice.

Important Information About Courtesy Pay Program Changes

Regulations now requires you to opt-in to overdraft protection such as Courtesy Pay for ATM and Debit Card transactions. Courtesy Pay covers your transaction(s) when you don’t have enough money in your checking account to pay the merchant. Effective December 1, 2011, Texas Bridge Credit Union will offer qualified members the option to have Courtesy Pay on their DebitCard. To download an opt in form with detailed information, please Click here or you may call a member service representative for more information.
If you wish to decline this service, please contact Member Services to opt out of the Courtesy Pay program.

Note- Members may Opt-in to the Courtesy Pay Program to authorize TXBCU to pay everyday ATM/Debit Card transactions that are NOT repetitive. If you want us to do so call 361-855-4494 or 1-800-465-4494 for more information. You can download the opt-in form, complete it and present it at one of our branches, fax to 361-855-2239 or email to